Re: windows 10 updates

Troy Burnham

Thanks Chris. Is there a way to get it to tell me when an update is available and will be installed?

I turn my laptop off at night and so any updates are done during the day, and most of the time when these updates are being installed everything slows down tremendously. I saw where to change the time updates are installed so I was thinking that when an update needs to be installed I could set it to happen in the middle of the night when I'm asleep and just leave the machine on that night, but of course I'd need to know when updates were going to be installed so I could leave the machine running that night.


On 12/17/2021 6:47 AM, Chris via wrote:

If you look under windows update Theres an option to pause for 7 days, also an option to pause up to 35 days under the advanced options as well





From: Troy Burnham
Sent: 17 December 2021 12:09
Subject: [WinAccess] windows 10 updates


Hi all,



Is there a way in windows 10 to get a warning when updates are available

and it'll give me the option to install or not?














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