Re: Placing Display Option On The Desktop

Daniel McGee

I think it's quicker, to press windows key,start typing: brightness, until you here "change brightness level." Press enter and if all is well, you should here "change brightness for the built in display." This is a slider, which you can adjust accordingly.


On 08/01/2022 16:22, Monte Single wrote:

If you go to the desktop and press control plus space bar,  your screenreader will say something like “no selection”.

Now press the application and arrow up to “properties”.

There should be a tab on the properties page for personalize.,  Press personalize and tab several times til you hear “screen brightness”.

Check that out and see what you get.






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Is there a way to place an icon for changing the display brightness on the desktop or a shortcut key that will work other than shading with JAWS?






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