Re: Can I get into windows on start up

molly the blind tech lover

Hi. I think I am experiencing a similar problem. I did a bios update
several weeks ago, and ever since the update my pc randomly gets stuck
on the manufacturer's logo after the startup sound plays. I have to
press the power button to get the pc working again. If it's a setting
in the bios that needs to be changed the only way to access the bios
is with sighted assistance, depending on how much useable vision, if
at all, one has.

On 8/7/22, leonard morris <lmorris1953@...> wrote:
I am not sure exactly what happen but when I started the computer all it
shows is the Dell computer name. The computer will not go to windows. I
really wish now I had created some type of windows recovery windows file and
stored it on a thumb drive. If I can get sighted help what should I have
them try to fix the issue before I I'm forced to visit a computer store.
Well at least for now I have a phone I can write this email.

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