Re: UWA Bulletin: Mail app can become accessible with some changes to settings #universalapps #a11y

Scott VanDeWalle <scottvandewalle2@...>

What other settings, cuz, not really is it much more accessible.

Original message:

Hi all,
During the course of a Skype conversation, I was told that you can make Mail app accessible by changing some settings (at least one). Specifically, you need to do the following:

* 1. Open Mail app.
* 2. Select Settings.
* 3. Go to Reading.
* 4. Locate “use caret to navigate reading pane” and toggle it on.
* 5. Select Back button, then press Alt+F4. You are all set.
For those using NVDA: four developers – one from NV Access, three testers – are working on Mail app support at the moment.

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