booting directly to the desktop

Alan Robbins

Ok, until this issue with no speech at log on screen is resolved, I want to revert back to automatically going directly to my desktop with no input from me. I used to have it that way

This is what I’ve done so far, but not been able to complete the task.

1.       I removed my 4 digit pin which put me back to needing to enter password.

2.       I entered the command netpliz and unchecked the box to need folks to enter a password.

3.       I tried to revert back to signing in with local account rather than a Microsoft one but here is where I’m having trouble. I go to settings, accounts, and click on sign in with a local account. It tells me my current Microsoft log in ID and asks for the password. I enter that and it takes me to a screen for local account credentials. My log in name is correct but then it asks for a password and then to confirm it. Prior to setting up a Microsoft sign in I did not use a password as I booted directly to the desktop. So, no matter what I put in these boxes, i.e. my current Microsoft password, my 4 digit pin, or nothing at all, I can’t get to the button to facilitate the switch. So, I still have to enter my password at boot up or to switch users. How can I get rid of all this?



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