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Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

A bit of further clarification regarding the instructions posted earlier:

Once the user dialog is up, regardless of it was invoked via 'netplwiz' or 'control userpasswords2' the dialog you see has a list of all the users on the machine, with your own userid currently selected by default.

If you wish to work on your own userid then just let it stay selected, then uncheck the "Users must enter a password . . ."  (which, by the way, can be toggled by hitting ALT+E), then you must activate the Apply button at the bottom of the dialog  It is there but only becomes available to you for activation if you have changed the state of the "Users must enter" checkbox for a given user.  If it was on you must turn it off before the Apply button becomes pressable and if it was off you must turn it on.  The Apply button is meaningless, and stippled out as inactive, if there is no change to apply.

Once you've hit the Apply button after you most likely unchecked the above noted checkbox, you are immediately presented with the Automatically Sign In dialog where you must enter the password that will be used to automatically log you in two times.  After this you OK your way all the way out of the dialogs that are open.


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