Re: Hard drives

Quentin Christensen

Either of the first two - they're both 7200 RPM. The third one, the
Western Digital is only 5400 RPM.

Between those two, the first one is a 1tb (1,000 GB) drive with 32 MB
buffer, and the second one which should be Hd502hj (you had an extra
"d5"), is a 500 GB drive with 16 MB buffer. Out of those two I'd look
at the difference in price and what you can afford.

If you're looking for speed, what you really want is an SSD. They are
more expensive per GB, but they're in a completely different league -
at least ten times faster in the real world (more in artificial
benchmarks). If you want a combination of storage space and speed,
get a small SSD to run Windows off (ok small drive to hold Windows is
almost an oxymoron these days) and a larger conventional drive to hold
all your music and other large files / programs.



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On 9 August 2016 at 22:58, Tomas Janssen <> wrote:
Hi. Can someone help me ? Wich hd is the fastest? Regards tonas

1. Samsung hd103uj

2. Hd5d502hj

3. Wdc wd5000aads-00s9b0

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