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Important notice from head list representative: subdomain-based email addresses are now used 7 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Groups.IO maintenance: June 17th at 9 PM Pacific (18th at midnight Eastern, 04:00 UTC) 3 messages By Joseph Lee ·
For Earthlink customers: please contact Earthlink to let them know Groups.IO addresses should not be blocked By Joseph Lee ·
Hashtags: some tags were elevated to special status By Joseph Lee ·
locked New Groups.io Group: BlindLife 10 messages By ... ·
FW: [beta] Brief downtime this evening By Joseph Lee ·
Event: Site Maintenance, Thursday, 2 February 2017 2 messages By ... ·
Important: Groups.IO will be undergoing maintenance soon 2 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Important: JAWS and NVDA subgroups are now part of history 2 messages By Joseph Lee ·
For Yahoo! Mail users: Amazon cloud services experienced issues By Joseph Lee ·
PSA: Important changes coming to Groups.IO in regards to premium groups By Joseph Lee ·
Important announcement from the head list rep: moderator-initiated tags can now be responded to by members 3 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Groups.io Message Reply and Other Options Sent In Individual Messages and Digests 2 messages By ... ·
News from the head list representative: a short and sweet group alias for Win10 forum cluster named "w10" is now online By Joseph Lee ·
Delightful change: Want to talk to other Windows Insiders without having to join the parent group first? Now you can! By Joseph Lee ·
Forum policies letter: a more predictable reminder date, an easier way to retrieve it 4 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Earthlink blocking messages from Groups.IO forums including ours By Joseph Lee ·
Notice from head list representative: don't wish to be unsubscribed? Don't mark messages from this forum cluster as spam By Joseph Lee ·
For those using mail classifiers - PLEASE whitelist groups.io! By ... ·
Important: European GDPR is in effect, notice from Groups.IO to be sent out to people subsctibed to forums 10 messages By Joseph Lee ·
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