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iheart radio is accessible for jaws users 3 messages By Lino Morales ·
UWA Bulletin: Watch ESPN is accessible apart from control label issues 3 messages By Rajiv Shah ·
UWA Bulletin: TurboTax universal app requires mixture of keyboard navigation and item navigation By Joseph Lee ·
KNFB Reader 1.1.9 is out By Joseph Lee ·
WinBuzzer: Skype Preview is now just Skype 2 messages By Shaun Everiss ·
KNFB Reader 1.1.8 released By Joseph Lee ·
Tip: you can in fact create desktop shortcuts for universal apps 5 messages By Joseph Lee ·
UWA Bulletin: 8 Zip is usable to some extent, generic list item labels present By Joseph Lee ·
UWA Bulletin: Pandora is reasonably accessible except for some unlabeled buttons and issues with stations 5 messages By Chris ·
CSUN 2017: Universal app version of KNFB Reader is now available from Windows Store 18 messages By Timothy ·
Windows Store and universal apps: frequently asked questions By Joseph Lee ·
Windows Experience Blog: what's new in Mail and Calendarapps 3 messages By ... ·
Windows Experience Blog: what's new in Mail and Calendar apps 4 messages By ... ·
UWA Bulletin: Dropbox app is usable up to a point - a bit better when using Narrator By Joseph Lee ·
UWA Bulletin (critical): do NOT use Facebook universal app until keyboard accessibility issues have been addressed 6 messages By Lino Morales ·
For NVDA users (respond offlist please): should Windows 10 App Essentials ad-on drop support for Twitter app? By Joseph Lee ·
UWA Bulletin: RSS Central is very accessible By Joseph Lee ·
Announcing a pilot podcast on Windows 10 UWP apps By Joseph Lee ·
UWA Bulletin: Do not install Tweeten app until serious accessibility issues are resolved 4 messages By Shaun Everiss ·
UWA Bulletin: Feedback Hub 1.6.2221.0 fixes keyboard input crashes By Joseph Lee ·
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