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Windows Central: Edge planned to be updated from Windows Store in future Windows 10 releases 76 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Meet Windows 10 S and Surface Laptop By Joseph Lee ·
Build 2017: Windows Timeline, cloud-powered clipboard, iTunes universal app and more 7 messages By Joseph Lee ·
MS Accessibility Blog: what's coming in Fall Creators Update 12 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Ars Technica: Windows' switch to Git almost complete By Joseph Lee ·
June 2017 development briefing: My People, systemwide dictation, emoji keyboard, Cortana settings and more 18 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Important Narrator change (advisory): scan mode will be used by default in Fall Creators Update By Joseph Lee ·
Just for insiders or for everyone? My People, systemwide dictation, emoji keyboard, Cortana settings and more 4 messages By Ashleigh Piccinino ·
Important announcement from head list representative (please read): names of update channels are changing as of fall 2017 By Joseph Lee ·
Fall Creators Update: Updates as of July 2017 3 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Neowin: not all countries will see the next release as Fall Creators Update 2 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Important read: features deprecated or removed in Fall Creators Update, systems powered by some Atom chips will not receive 1703 13 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Windows blogs: Adobe Flash is going away, new home for Paint 4 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Narrator advisory: as of build 16251, always on scan mode will be limited to Microsoft Edge By Joseph Lee ·
Early August development briefing: Eye Control, phone linking and more By Joseph Lee ·
ZDNet: expect anti-virus changes in Fall Creators Update 17 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Critical advisory: do NOT update to Fall Creators Update if you plan to use JAWS 2018 with Edge due to performance problems 12 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Redstone 4: November 2017 briefing By Joseph Lee ·
An audio overview of latest Windows 10 development with build 17025 11 messages By Joseph Lee ·
December 2017 Redstone 4 briefing: Timeline, sets, input suggestions for hardware keyboards, more global emoji panel and more 2 messages By Joseph Lee ·
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