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Groups.IO Outage By Nimer Jaber ·
Admin's Note: Thank You, WinAccess Community 2 messages By Rosemarie Chavarria ·
Owner's Note: Happy Diwali By Nimer Jaber ·
One final letter from the outgoing head list representative: leadership transition is complete 6 messages By Louise Pfau ·
Important notice on cumulative update announcements: separate posts for each Windows release series By Joseph Lee ·
Letter from the outgoing head list representative: resigning and closing a chapter in my life, effective October 15, 2021 3 messages By Bill Powers ·
Friendly Reminder of List Purpose By Nimer Jaber ·
Owner's Notes: Windows 11 compatibility, Cultural Acceptance By Nimer Jaber ·
Notice: member notices (welcome message and guidelines) updated By Joseph Lee ·
2021 State of the List post: unity, expertise, service in the era of Windows 11 and beyond 2 messages By Nimer Jaber ·
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Nimer Jaber will assume most administrator duties, effective July 28, 2021 By Joseph Lee ·
Notice: subject line changed to WinAccess, a note about forum name and nature of admin decisions By Joseph Lee ·
Special notice: incoming owner is also part of the leadership team, too By Joseph Lee ·
sticky Community Message, Screen Reader Compatibility, Subject Lines, Email Threads 2 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Notice: WinAccess forum addresses and aliases 6 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Forum rename proposal: welcome to "Windows Access" 2 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Official: Welcome to Windows 11 era 65 messages By Dave Grossoehme ·
Reassurance from head list representative on Windows 11 requirements: do not panic, things are not complete yet, PC Health Check utility updated By Joseph Lee ·
IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE WINDOWS 11 BUILD 21996! 4 messages By Joseph Lee ·
announcement: Austin Pinto to step down from associate list representative/co-owner position 10 messages By David Moore ·
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