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Notice from head list representative: dozens of Gmail users are bouncing 6 messages By g melconian ·
An emergency request from your head list representative: please pause posting activities until bouncing situation is significantly resolved 4 messages By David W Wood \(G3YXX\) ·
locked Announcement Only: Groups.io Scheduled Outage Tonight By ... ·
Notice from the head list representative: do NOT respond to supposed "mask salesperson" - it's a spam 3 messages By ... ·
Meet Groups.IO Help Center and users manual By Joseph Lee ·
sbcglobal.net addresses are bouncing By Joseph Lee ·
Notice: power outage may affect Groups.IO forums By Joseph Lee ·
Planned outage tonight aroud 6 PM Pacific By Joseph Lee ·
Important notice from head list representative: Yahoo! Groups transfer process for thousands of groups will impact various forums on Groups.IO 7 messages By Immigrant ·
FW: [beta] EarthLink By Joseph Lee ·
Request for community help: please help convince Earthlink to minimize Groups.IO domain blacklisting in the future 5 messages By ... ·
Head list representative puts two problematic domains away 3 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Gmail users: email address header changed 2 messages By Sarah k Alawami ·
Groups.IO and Win10 forum updates: Version 1803 cumulative updates, obtaining forum archives, email addresses in web portion By Joseph Lee ·
Groups.IO down time for database upgrades By Joseph Lee ·
Groups.IO GDPR notice By Joseph Lee ·
Head list representative inaugurates two short and sweet aliases for Insiders subgroup: WIP and Winsiders 2 messages By Joseph Lee ·
Notice: in case you're seeing your own email address at bottom of posts 4 messages By Lino Morales ·
Important: European GDPR is in effect, notice from Groups.IO to be sent out to people subsctibed to forums 10 messages By ... ·
For those using mail classifiers - PLEASE whitelist groups.io! By ... ·
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