For Insiders: Cumulative update for build 14393 (KB3176931) bumps build to 14393.67 #KBAlert #insiderbuilds


Hi everyone,

The next two or three Insider build posts will show you what it feels like to be an Insider and what you need to know when it comes to being an Insider. But first:

For all rings: build 14393.67 is arriving at Windows Update gate for all rings (will show up as KB3176931)). This update bumps build to 14393.67. According to Feedback Hub, in addition to today’s CU, it includes:

• Addressed issue that causes significantly reduced battery life on Windows Phone when using Bluetooth with “Hey Cortana” feature enabled.

• Addressed issue that prevents users from completing the out-of-box experience (OOBE) with a local account using Korean characters.


For non-Insiders: to join Windows Insider Program, you’ll need a Microsoft Account. For screen reader users, familiarity with screen readers is a must. To sign up, go to SettingsUpdate/Windows Insider and select Get Started. Sign into your MSA.


The ideal requirements are:

·        Microsoft Account

·        Comfortable with Windows Update and/or clean install

·        Familiarity with one or more screen readers 9in our case)

·        Familiarity with Feedback Hub app to report bugs, suggestions and so on.


The next Insider post will talk about how to test things, as well as Insider rings.