NVDA compatibility advisory: to take advantage of features introduced in Windows 10 RS5, NVDA 2018.3 or later is recommended #nvdasr #ADVISORY


Hi all,


Note: the following advisory comes from a third-party developer based on what’s happening with NVDA source code. I expect NV Access to make a statement when they are ready.


Screen reader compatibility advisory:


  • Screen reader: NVDA
  • Windows 10 release affected: Windows 10 RS5 (tentatively designated Version 1809)
  • Advisory type: feature additions and changes


Until now in order to use the following modern input features, NVDA users had to use Windows 10 App Essentials add-on:


  • Emoji panel
  • Dictation
  • Hardware keyboard input suggestions
  • Cloud clipboard (rS5)


In addition, NVDA did not natively recognize more dialogs in Windows 10 and apps.


This is changing in NVDA 2018.3:


  • NVDA will support modern input features out of the box.
  • NVDA will recognize and read contents of more dialogs, and in RS5, it’ll use UIA to find out if a window is a dialog just like how Narrator does this.
  • In Microsoft Edge, aria-roledescription is recognized.
  • NVDA will ship with IUIAutomation6 interface.


Thus, to take advantage of features introduced in RS5, NVDA 2018.3 or later is recommended.


If there are updates to this advisory, I’ll post them as part of a general advisory and compatibility notes in September.