locked Proposal: close NVDA and JAWS subgroups? #nvdasr #jaws #poll


Dear members of the Windows 10 Forum for Screen Reader Users and others:


For new members: first, a warm welcome to you. We use a proposal/debate/vote process to decide list policies and direction.




Earlier in 2016, this forum was presented with two polls: subgroup creation for NVDA and JAWS subgroups, with the proposal saying that these would allow users of specific screen readers to talk about Windows 10 in these subgroups. However, times have changed - screen reader posts are sent to the main Win10 forum, and it was noted that it’s best to allow people to unite and help out regardless of screen reader in use.


Proposal: should the following subgroups be closed:


·        NVDA (chair: Austin Pinto)

·        JAWS (chair: David Moore)


If adopted, the following will happen:


1.      Subgroup archives will be modified to remove duplicate messages (that is, a message sent to the main forum and to the subgroup will be deleted from the subgroup archive).

2.      Chairs of closed subgroups will remain moderators of the parent forum.

3.      Archives from subgroup(s) will be merged into the main forum.

4.      Closed subgroups cannot be reopened for at least six months.


This poll does not apply to the following subgroups:


·        Windows Insiders

·        List Matters

·        Mobile


To answer this poll:


1.      Send an email to win10+owner@groups.io. Any responses sent as a reply to this message will be ignored.

2.      In your response (with the subject line of Win10 subgroup poll), please say “NVDA”, “JAWS”, “both” or “no”. Additional comments are welcome.

3.      This poll will close on September 3rd, 2016 at 4:59 PM Pacific (23:59 UTC), with the results announced a few hours later.

4.      The passage threshold is a bit complex: whichever subgroup that gets a “yes” (close subgroup) vote from two-thirds of voters will be closed. Also, if you can, try identify which subgroup you are in for record keeping purposes.


Important things to remember:


·        Any votes sent to the forum (either as a reply or after starting a new thread) WILL be ignored. This is done so that the forum can concentrate on Win10 topics.

·        You are more than welcome to debate this proposal (if you want, and please be civil).

·        If you vote for one thing then change your mind later (e.g. vote to close a subgroup but then change your mind at the last minute), your vote will be considered invalid (this is so that our vote counter would not be confused). Thus, please think about this from both sides of the issue so you can make an informed choice.

·        If you have already made up your mind and posted your “vote” on the list for the last few days, please send your votes to win10+owner@groups.io (again so our vote counter can have a more accurate picture).

·        As the vote counter and the executor of your wishes – merging archives and so on (if adopted), I (Joseph Lee) will not vote.

·        This poll isn’t limited to members of this forum – people using various social networks (such as Twitter) can also participate in this poll. If you are using Twitter, send your vote to @joslee with the hashtag of #Win10ForumPoll. In case anyone here are Twitter citizens, your preferred method (email or a tweet) can be used to cast your vote (in case you send both an email and a tweet, only one vote will be recorded).

·        If you have any comments about subgroup management in general, please do send them to win10+owner@groups.io (you may do so as part of your vote if you want).


With that, let the voting commence.