changes I'd really like in win10


Hi all.
Since we are talking about win10 later versions I do have a few changes I'd like as an admin.
1. the ability to run executables from external media.
Right now those are registered to everyone, thats fine but it appears that with everyone as permitions the files can not be run, you can copy, delete, etc, but you can't run.
You can fiddle with security to make a folder or drive work and while thats fine for say a personal drive I really think that there should be a way to I don't know allow users to run what they want on usbs or a way to get through security if you want to run a file say for admin perposes.
To do it now even after you unblock the file you need to, turn off sharing wizzard in control panel file explorer options, go to security, add users to the file or files and then click edit then allow full controll and hit ok a few times.
Effectively this means I can't run any programs on external media unless I fiddle with the computer.
While as an admin I can make a directory, copy all the files over and run them there must be better way of doing this.
2. forms, I have noticed in just about every web brouser, that say I have nvda and I enter a username, it will not go to the password field, nvda just looses focus and I have to tab round and hit arrow keys to find the form its another reason not to upgrade, forms are part of my daily life and not auto moving between fields just sucks really badly.
3. disk cleanup, since aniversery update when running a clean op, nvda will stop talking while the op is running and come back when its done.
During that time I can't do anything with the computer which technically is fine but it isn't at the same time if you know what I mean.
4. after I updated to the aniversery update, favorites the system asks you to open them when you click them, thats fine for standard urls if they are a virus but for hecks sake they are my favorites in my favorites folder could I exclude this folder or have an easier way, a hotkey to open them etc?
I can get round it but for a general user that does not use a large list of dos text files to store their addresses I don't know.
5. Ever since updating to the aniversery update, office 2016 just doesn't want to open files.
Every update to windows, which is a windows cumulative update well ok a security one at least since it doesn't happen if it isn't but that only happened once, excell will not open any of its files complaining that it can't recieve commands.
Or that it has an error passing commands.
Then it opens in ms xml converter.
Word just goes straight to msxml converter.
I have managed to fix this by doing an office quick repair but that adds an extra step every month.