Hashtags: some tags were elevated to special status #AdminNotice #groupsio


Hello everyone,


First, Happy Thanksgiving for those celebrating it (gobble gobble).


This is to inform you that some hashtags used by this forum has been elevated to special status. This means everyone (including those on no mail) will receive messages tagged with these tags. This change is in response to the introduction of this ability from Groups.IO management.


The following hashtags are now special tags:


·         #AdminNotice: Notices from admins (for the most part, head list rep and associate rep).

·         #BranchProgression: When new feature upgrade build is released, a build moves from Current Branch (CB/consumer deployment) to Current Branch for Business (CBB/businesses and enterprises). The next such notice will go out once Version 1607 (Anniversary Update) is ready for businesses (December at the earliest).

·         #KBAlert: Information on just released cumulative update (CU; KB means “knowledge base”).

·         #WinTenYYMM: important announcements for specific Windows 10 releases (for example, for Anniversary Update, the actual tag is #WinTen1607, but for now you’ll see it as #WinTenAnnivUpdate). This will be used starting from Windows 10 Creators Update.

·         #InsiderBuilds (applies to Insiders subgroup for the most part): this is used whenever announcements about first two or three Insider builds for the next major version are sent (like the ones you saw back in August). At other times, this hashtag is reserved for Insiders group.


Special status candidates include:


·         #MSFTEnable: Announcements from Microsoft regarding accessibility features and issues in Windows 10 releases.

·         #UniversalApps: usually used when announcing important information about specific apps from Windows Store or universal apps in general.

·         #GroupsIO: Announcements from Groups.IO staff that will affect this forum and subgroups, such as feature changes for forums.


Thank you.