Screen reader advisories for Windows 10 Version 1909: same as Version 1903 #ADVISORY #WinTen1909


Hi all,


Yes, it’s that time of year again: time to find out if your screen reader (version(s)) is compatible with upcoming feature update (Windows 10 Version 1909). Because of the way 1909 is built and distributed, same advisories are in effect for 1903 with the following changes:


Highlights of Version 1909 include ability to mute notification sound, sorting notifications by time, adding events from time and date flyout (Alt+Windows+D) and other changes for enterprises.




  • Allowing third-party assistants to respond to you from lock screen.
  • You can add events from time and date flyout.
  • You can mute notification sound for Action Center notifications.
  • You can manage notifications from Action Center.
  • In File Explorer, search functionality is powered by Windows Search/Cortana so online content can be searched.
  • Various enterprise-level and under the hood changes.


Compatible screen readers: any screen reader declaring support for Windows 10 Version 1809 should work; although older releases will work, we cannot guarantee full compatibility. Specifically:


  • Narrator: yes.
  • JAWS: 18.0 or newer, although 2019 is recommended.
  • NVDA: 2018.4 or newer, although 2019.2 or later is recommended.
  • Other screen readers supporting Version 1809 or later, will work better for releases optimized for 1903.


No, I’m not done – there is a series of more urgent notices for some populations, and that is next.