locked Proposal: should Xbox/Windows 10 topics be allowed on this list and create a subgroup for Xbox users? #poll


Hi all,


This was brought up on Insiders subgroup a few days ago:


Windows 10 is more than an operating system: it is a vast ecosystem that spans PC’s, smartphones, mixed reality headsets, game consoles, servers and what not. Until now topics on Windows 10 were limited to PC’s, smartphones and servers, but it is proposed that Xbox/Windows 10 discussion be allowed on this forum when talking about overall feature set and Narrator experience. It is also proposed that a subgroup be created to let Xbox gamers gather and talk about Narrator, Windows 10 and game accessibility.


If this proposal is adopted, the following changes will be made:

  • Xbox One/One S topics relating to Windows 10 and Narrator will be allowed on this forum starting from Creators Update release ID declaration (likely in February).
  • New Insider Preview build announcements for Xbox will be sent to Insiders subgroup.
  • For gamers, a subgroup will be created to coordinate Xbox/Windows 10/Narrator/games accessibility discussions.
  • A new hashtag, #Xbox will be created.


This poll will end on January 29th at 11:59 PM Pacific (UTC-8).


How to vote:

  1. Send your votes to win10+owner@groups.io with the subject line of “Xbox topic poll” or similar. Votes sent to the forum will not count, nor change of heart.
  2. Say either “yes” or “ no” to the following questions: allow Xbox topics related to Windows 10 on the Win10 forum, and create a Xbox subgroup.
  3. Whichever question gets majority of votes (none, one or both) will be implemented: topic allowance, create subgroup, do nothing, or both. The passage threshold is a simple majority.
  4. Please read about Xbox One/one S and Windows 10 before making an informed choice.


Thank you.