locked Update reminder and development news poll: reminder will be sent periodically, new hashtag for development news #poll


Hi everyone,


The poll on update reminders and new development news hashtag is hereby closed. After tallying, everyone who participated said a periodic reminder would be good, and the winning hashtag for development news discussion will be #WinTenDev. The usual #WinTenYYMM hashtag is reserved for stable builds and upgrade preparation and advisory announcements.


As for periodic reminders: the letter I sent out a few weeks ago regarding Creators Update rollout will be used as a template for future announcements, namely compatible screen readers, issues to expect and what not. These will be sent every March and September, or when the final build is revealed, whichever happens later. Note that it won’t be an automated announcement like the list policies letter, as compatible screen readers and issues changes between releases.


Also, there are important announcements about Groups.IO and this forum cluster that people should read, and that’s coming up next.