UWA Bulletin: Learn how to make apps accessible with accAttacka #universalapps #msftenable


Hi all,


For new family members: the #UniversalApps hashtag is reserved for notes on various universal apps out there. Also: UWA = Universal Windows App.


This bulletin is mostly for developers: there is a promising app called “accAttacka” in the Windows Store that gives pointers to making universal apps more accessible. Although certain content is missing, it has potential to teach third-party developers as to how to code their apps to make them easier to use by screen reader users.




  • Name: accAttacka
  • Developer: herbi.org
  • Store link: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9nblggh4v7k1
  • Highlights: C# (C-sharp) examples for fixing app accessibility problems, copy code fragments for use in apps, overview of common accessibility problems encountered by users, a link to MSDN Enable documentation portal.
  • Accessibility rating: excellent (grade A)/exemplary (A+), works well with screen readers.



  • To Microsoft engineers: I’d like to suggest showcasing this app somewhere so third-party UWP devs can use it as a practical tool.
  • Should help aspiring universal app writers when it comes to answering common accessibility questions.