Important announcement from head list representative (please read): names of update channels are changing as of fall 2017 #AdminNotice #wintendev


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Some of you who keeps an eye on Windows 10 development may have noticed a change to how Microsoft labels various update channels, and yes, it is true: in fall 2017, Microsoft will change how update branches are labeled. Terms such as “Current Branch” will be replaced by “Semi-Annual Channel”. Although you may think it has nothing to do with this forum cluster, it does: update branch labels are just as important as the updates themselves, as it helps us determine which build of Windows 10 you are using and to make sure screen reader users are adequately prepared.



  • Current Branch: Semi-Annual Channel (Pilot). You’ll occasionally see this being referred to as “consumer grade”, “pilot” and so on.
  • Current Branch for Business: Semi-Annual Channel (Broad). This is synonymous with “business ready”, “broad” and so on.
  • Long-Term Servicing Branch: Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC). The next such version is scheduled for around 2019 according to some sources. A good evidence to note is when Windows Server releases are announced: If words of Windows Server 2019 lands on various websites, chances are that will be the next long-tern support version.


This does not change how Windows Insider Preview builds are labeled nor use of branch progression hashtag on this forum cluster. For sake of familiarity, old and new terms are acceptable, although for branch progression communication, I’ll start using new terms from Fall Creators Update onwards. In addition, as update releases are now somewhat predictable, we’ve sort of found a good timeframe as to when update reminders will be sent (next post).




The next post will detail update reminder notices, possible new hashtags and when this forum will switch to Fall Creators Update era and related announcements.