Delightful change: Want to talk to other Windows Insiders without having to join the parent group first? Now you can! #AdminNotice #groupsio


Hi everyone, especially for potential Insiders,


Every week, Groups.IO sends out a notice summarizing changes made for a given week. One of them for this week will be useful for some of you:


Previously, if you wanted to talk to other Windows Insiders, you first had to join this parent forum. Not anymore: You can now subscribe to Insiders subgroup directly. The only caveat is that you may wish to put yourself in no mail on the parent group if you do not wish to read the traffic from the main list.




  1. If you are not a member of this Win10 forum cluster (at all) and wish to join the Insiders subgroup, send an email to
  2. Optionally, after confirming subgroup subscription, send an email to to put yourself on no mail for the parent group.


Note: the Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users does not require moderator approval to join the parent forum and its subgroups.