This is the boarding call for Air Insider flight 17017 #insiderbuilds


Hi everyone,


For new family members: the following is a demo of the “other side of Windows 10 ecosystem”: Windows Insider Program. Because most of you are on latest release(s), the main forum is devoted to stable releases, while Windows Insiders subgroup is for those who want to try out latest and greatest (and sometimes confirm bug fixes).


Before we go any further:


  • Let us restrict Redstone 4 discussion to Insiders subgroup for now (perhaps until January 2018 unless a thing or two will affect everyone).
  • Once build 16299 comes out, I’d like to request help from Windows Insiders in guiding folks on upgrades and meeting new and changed features.



  • Air Insider: new build.
  • Flight: new build release.
  • Handbook: release notes.
  • Captain: Dona Sarkar (head of Windows Insider Program at Microsoft)
  • In-flight entertainment: interesting additions and changes and other things up for testing (especially things having to do with Narrator, other accessibility features and notable additions).
  • Fast/slow passes: fast/slow rings
  • Badge: additional criteria for certain Insiders (for those on Insiders subgroup, for now it refers to fast ring skip ahead option).
  • Storm/bad weather warning (new term starting with Redstone 4): known issues, especially very major ones


With that out of the way…


Air Insider flight 17017 is on its way to pick up fast pass holders. Please pick up the handbook from our captain before you board:


Today’s in-flight entertainment is brought to you by Settings and Cortana. Also, please fasten your seatbelts as we travel through bad weather around missing additional packages such as Windows Media Player for some.