Screen reader advisories for Version 20H2: actually... same as Version 2004 #ADVISORY #WinTen20H2


Hi all,


Below is screen reader advisories for Version 20H2:


Highlights of Version 20H2 include Edge browser replacement and more subtle changes to Start menu.




  • Old (classic) Edge will be replaced by Chromium Edge.
  • You can press Alt+Tab to move between Edge tabs. You can turn this off (to move between apps) by going to Settings/System/Multitasking.
  • Start menu received visual changes.
  • Taskbar icons will be tailored to your needs based on what you do frequently. This is applicable to new user accounts.


Screen reader compatibility: any screen reader compatible with Version 1909 or later will work… Actually, no. You will need a screen reader release that supports recent Chrome and Edge releases as Chromium Edge will replace classic Edge from now on. Note that Edge requirement was a recommendation last time screen reader advisories were sent (May 2020); now it is a requirement.




  • Narrator: yes
  • JAWS: 2019 or later
  • NVDA: 2019.3 or later
  • Any screen reader release that declares support for Edge 83 or later, or in some rare cases, indication from developers that support for Edge 83 or later is planned


As always, these advisories are subject to updates from screen reader vendors (their advisories override forum advisories).