Screen reader advisories for Version 21H1: nothing new, really #ADVISORY #WinTen21H1


Hi all,

First of a series of posts on what’s going on with Windows 10 development these days (the purpose of posts like this is to inform you of what to expect in future feature updates); this post will deal with screen reader advisories for Version 21H1:

Version 21H1 (build 19043) is still being tested by Windows Insiders subscribed to beta channel (not released to release preview channel yet), and I have asked Insiders about stability. Depending on what Insiders say, I’ll switch the entire Win10 forum cluster to 21H1 prep phase as early as next week (we will switch to 21H1 era once many release preview channel Insiders receive build 19043 in coming days to weeks).


Version 21H1 is a minor update, mostly including performance improvements and to respond to remote work scenarios. It is also the first official version to replace legacy Edge with Chromium Edge.




  • Ability to select default camera from multiple Windows Hello cameras if present.
  • Performance improvements to remote work scenarios.
  • No more legacy Edge, replaced by Chromium Edge.
  • WinVer dialog no longer shows copyright year (this might be the case for 2004 and 20H2, needs confirmation).


Screen reader requirements: just like Version 20H2, screen readers must now support Chromium Edge:


  • Narrator: yes
  • JAWS: 2019 or later
  • NVDA: 2020.3 or later
  • Others supporting Version 2004/20H2 and Chromium Edge


The next post will deal with what’s happening with Insider build 21300 series.