Please welcome Nimer Jaber as your next Win10 Forum head list representative/owner #AdminNotice


Hello Win10 Forum family, Microsoft staff, screen reader vendors, and others,

I’m delighted to announce that Nimer Jaber will become the next Win10 Forum for Screen Reader Users head list representative/owner, effective a week after Version 21H2 is released to the public this fall. Nimer brings screen reader expertise, forum leadership experiences, and the mindset of a teacher to this forum cluster. I also would like to thank Kenny Peyattt for also putting down his name to succeed me.


With Nimer succeeding me, the following will happen:

  1. Nimer will be elevated to owner status this weekend. This is crucial because Nimer, Austin, and I will need to coordinate our leadership efforts once June 24th event from Microsoft is over. There is a possibility that announcements then will have huge impact on this forum cluster, including Insiders subgroup. Nimer will also be elevated to owner status on Insiders subgroup after the event.
  2. Leadership transition will begin on July 13, 2021 once July 2021 cumulative update is posted. From then on I will intervene only if I need to step in to resolve major issues that could cause issues with integrity of this forum cluster.
  3. I will provide cumulative update (KB alert) announcements and pay for premium forum status for a while (ten dollars a month) until Nimer says he is willing to do these things. I will also create a Calendar event for end of support for Windows 10 Version 2004 (May 2020 Update/build 19041) in a few months.
  4. A week after Version 21H2 is released, I will officially resign from head list rep position. I will be around to provide advice to our next head list rep for a while.


A few things I must ask members to remember:

  • Some of you expressed concern about a former member coming back here once Nimer is in charge. It is really up to that person to decide.
  • What makes a forum successful are people and content, more than leaders and their styles. We (members) and our contributions ultimately dictate the forum’s direction and fate. As Nimer comes to the foreground and Joseph fades into the background, I’m confident that this forum cluster will continue to serve as an influential and helpful source of information on Windows and screen reader usage and compatibility, as well as ecosystem accessibility and training advocates for years to come.
  • People are speculating that Microsoft will announce Sun Valley as Windows 11 on June 24th (there is even a leaked build with the new name). Take this with a grain of salt until Microsoft unveils Sun Valley next week. I’m sure many will ask about compatibility with screen readers – I expect compatibility will be the same, but things can change. I must ask everyone to show unity because we do need to provide coordinated and unified responses and guidance for other screen reader users. More on Sun Valley after June 24th event.
  • The Insiders subgroup is an integral part of Win10 Forum because Insiders will be the first group of people to test screen reader compatibility with upcoming major updates. We cannot serve as Windows 10 and screen reader usage guides without their help, and this is why the leader/owner of the Insiders subgroup is a member of the overall Win10 Forum leadership team. Also, due to the work they do (including testing Sun Valley on your behalf), I have intentionally separated Insiders forum into a subgroup so that the parent (main) forum can discuss stable releases. As long as Windows Insider Program exists and Insider Preview builds are released, the chances of this Win10 Forum dissolving is low, and being an active Windows Insider was one of the recommended qualifications to succeed me as forum owner.
  • We are still going through COVID-19 pandemic. My head list rep statement remains the same even when cities and countries are thinking about opening up the economy: wear masks in public (especially if you are not vaccinated yet), wash hands, and follow guidelines from local public health officials. Although compatibility between Windows Sun Valley and screen readers is important, what’s more important is your health and well-being, as well as health of your loved ones.


Thank you, congratulations and good luck to Nimer, and please stay safe and healthy.