Notice: subject line changed to WinAccess, a note about forum name and nature of admin decisions #AdminNotice


Hello everyone,

A few things from the outgoing forum owner/head list representative about recent feedback sent to the leadership team:

  • Subject line: Nimer and I received at least two comments about email subject line. After some discussion, it was decided that the forum subject line will be “WinAccess”. This is in consideration for users of speech synthesizers and to better communicate what the forum is about.
  • A note about forum name: shortly after the new forum name was announced last week, Nimer and I received comments about the process used to select the compromise between top choices. It was done that way because there was no provision in the poll discussion to take ties into account (for a poll like this, a single round is held, and ties are possible). After looking at how to best represent both choices, we (Nimer and I) agreed that a compromise is the best option.
  • About the nature of leadership decisions: it was pointed out that the forum is not really a democracy. My personal philosophy regarding forum administration is that members should have a greater say in the direction of the forum, including participating in polls and proposal process. Although the forum leadership team have a final say on specific matters such as forum names, we accept and take user feedback into account, including accepting and thinking about poll results. Ultimately, a key component of a forum like ours (with over 600 folks present) is member participation, including giving feedback and influencing the direction of our forum cluster for years to come (this is why I encourage proposals and comments). As for how Nimer (our incoming forum owner/head list representative) will make his leadership decision based on your comments, it is up to him – he is not Joseph Lee, and once he officially succeeds me this fall, I will minimize my involvement in admin-level decisions (Nimer asked me to stay as a specialized topics manager/mod in charge of builds and cumulative update announcements, and in turn, I will continue to pay so our forum cluster can remain a premium group).

Hope this helps. Again if you would like to send a love letter to forum leadership people, feel free to send it to

Thank you.