Windows 11 and Action Center?



Windows 10 Action Center was split into two things:

  • Notification Center (Windows+N)
  • Quick settings (Windows+A)



Robin Frost


I apologize in advance but I've 2 questions about Windows 11 for those who are smarter than I am. I'm posting them in 2 separate messages for the benefit of the group archives in case anyone else runs into either of these and wonders as I do. Firstly as the subject states back in Windows 10 in my notification area or system tray as JFW calls it I used to have an icon for Action Center however, now that icon seems to be gone and I can't find any hint of Action Center anywhere. Thus I'm wondering is it gone and if so is there still a place one can find all notifications for review?

Thanks in advance for enlightening me and if this was already covered I apologize for having missed it. I did search extensively before posting to no avail.

Take good care.