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Nimer Jaber

Hello everyone,

First, I hope this message finds all of you well. The past year has been tough on many. Please know that, whatever it is that you may be experiencing, you are not alone. Please reach out to if there is anything you might need, or if you need to talk. Please also utilize the resources in your region, and reach out to your friends and family for support. Also, at the risk of politicizing what I know to be a controversial issue, if you have not been vaccinated, I would urge you to consider doing so. If you have questions about that, please do some research from reputable sources. If you need help finding those, please get in touch at As a community, I'd like to think that we are all here to not only learn about, and discuss Windows accessibility, but also to support one another, to help lift one another up, and to be aware that, as a community, we are not alone. While I cannot pretend to walk in many of your shoes, I can say that struggles are real, what you feel is valid, and I, as the incoming forum owner/representative, am here to help in whatever way I can.

I have found myself reflecting on a particular thread on this list that has seen over 30 messages, and has also seen a number of spun off threads. I would like to request each of you to consider the following:
  • Misinformation, on any topic, is so very easily spread, sometimes unintentionally. And, once it is put out in the wild, it doesn't take much for it to spread. Please do some research before making any statements you believe are fact, and please link to any sources you've found that state such facts. This can help stop the spread of misinformation.
  • If you have opinions, they should be clearly stated as such. If you believe that NVDA is superior to JAWS, it should be stated as such. If you believe that the Earth is flat, it should be stated as an opinion. If you wish to state this as fact, please link to reputable sources... in fact, discussing the flatness or lack of flatness of the Earth isn't even on topic for this list, so maybe don't discuss that at all.
  • When someone writes an email and states something as fact, please take time to do research on such a topic, particularly if something doesn't ring true. Common sense is a great thing, and the more we can learn and ground ourselves in reality, the better off we all are.
  • When writing or responding to an email, please take time to reflect on whether or not what you are saying ties in with the subject line. Subject lines are key to many people choosing whether or not to open a particular thread, and they are key for searching the list archives later on for new or existing members looking for support on a topic. Please, please make sure that subject lines are relevant, and the topic of discussion is relevant to this list. If the topic is not relevant, do not respond. If the subject line is not relevant, begin a new thread with the appropriate subject.
  • This next point may seem like it contradicts the last one. Please do not create a new thread when responding to every new message. Press reply and reply to the existing thread, or use the web interface. Many of us rely on email threading, and do not appreciate receiving multiple emails broken up in different threads on the same topic. It is easier to bypass a particular thread, or to collate messages regarding a particular thread if all emails are in one thread. If the thread has completely derailed, and the subject is not relevant, by all means, start a new thread with a new subject line.
  • If you have a question not relating to an existing thread, do not reply to that thread to ask your questions. Please consider composing a new message, with a new subject line, relevant to the topic you wish to discuss. Remember, simply writing help in the subject line isn't helpful. Try to be descriptive in the subject line.
  • Please consider reading the entirety of a thread before responding. This can be easily done either through the web interface, or through threading support within webmail or your favorite mail client.  The reason this is important is to avoid responding and stating the same thing that someone else has already stated. I am not trying to limit posts, however with the number of members we do have, it is good to try to avoid threads that go to 30, 40, 50 or more messages, with many of those messages stating the same thing. Please refrain from simply responding with thank you, I agree, or any one to three word message. You can thank individuals in advance once asking a question, and you can respond to an individual directly if you wish to send a short message like this.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please reach out to so that we can have an off-list discussion regarding the matter.


Nimer Jaber

The message above is intended for the recipient to whom it was
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To contact me, you can reply to this email or you may call me at (970) (393-4481) and I will do my best to respond to you promptly.

Thank you, and have a great day!


Hi all,

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Hello everyone,

To follow-up on Nimer’s post: whenever information about screen reader compatibility comes up, the best source of information comes from vendors themselves. Although we do have Windows Insiders who can provide early information, we are limited when it comes to providing information such as which version of JAWS will be compatible with Windows 11, under the hood changes to Narrator, when the next version of NVDA will be released, and related discussions. When in doubt, do ask vendors such as Microsoft, Vispero, NV Access, and others who can give you up to date information – for this reason, when it comes to screen reader advisories, whatever vendors say overrides advisories sent here.

In coming days I will be publishing a preliminary screen reader advisory for Windows 10 21H2 (build 19044), Windows Server 2022 (build 20348), and Windows 11 21H2 preview (build 22000), and to some extent, other ecosystem devices such as Xbox OS (version 2108), HoloLens, and Surface Hub. The upcoming advisory is preliminary and is based on observations and reports from users, as well as what’s going on with Windows development. Although the upcoming advisory is based on latest available information, you should still look for official word from vendors, especially concerning  support for Windows 11 from their screen readers. For example, it was reported that JAWS 2022 will support Windows 11 (according to Eric Damery as quoted by a member), and I can say that the next version of NVDA includes foundations to support Windows 11 (based on latest source code commits); even then, I expect Vispero and NV Access will release official comments on Windows 11 support as it nears public release later this year.

Hope this helps. And to echo Nimer, please stay safe and healthy.


Joseph (the current and about to retire owner/head list rep)