I Can't Clos An App On My Winndows10 Computer

David W Wood \(G3YXX\)



Odd that this subject should come up as each time I reboot, I am asked to sign into Google drive through my browser.

The only remaining option is Google Crash which I am reluctant to delete, having read about its function on the web.


An opinion on whether I am OK removing it is welcomed.




David W Wood


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Hi  Ibrahim, 


Follow the below steps to disable google drive to run during start-up 


1. Open task manager

2. After opening, once it says the process

3. Now right arrow until you find start up.

4. Tab once and arrow down to google drive.

5. Now hit the application key and select disable or after hearing google drive tab to disable and hit enter.


Now restart your device and google drive will not load during system start up anymore.



On Sun, Sep 12, 2021 at 3:04 AM Ibrahim Ajayi <kobisko@...> wrote:

Hi god people:
I installed Google drive on my Wndows10 Computer early this week, but
tprogram has been malfunctioning.
Eer since I've installed it, the program has refused to close, even
when the computer is shut down. now when I start thcomputer, the
program google drive starts, asking me to sign in to Google drive.
When I attempt to do this th attempt fails.
I activated google doc at different times, bbut it just didn't work too.
I then decided to uninstall the program. But I am unable to uninstall
the program because it does notc lose.
Please does anyone understand what teproblem is: how can I close the
program, and subsequently uninstall it.
I tried out the task manager, but it appars that that manager is
graphical. I findit extremely difficult to navigate in the task
manager, andI'm unable t find any app, so I just can't close the app
in question.
Please wht can I do about this problem.
The google drive program keeps running and it keeps wiping off my mobile data.
Thankingyou in advance foryour help..
 I'm very sorry about the very bad typing of this mail. I am typing it
on mobile, and I don't understand why my bluetooth keyboard drops off
typed characters, and inserts some characters multiple times. evo