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If you are wondering about what Win10 forum (the people behind Windows 10 Forum Wiki) is about, you've come to the right place. This page is designed to explain what this forum is about, introduce you to the leadership team and answer some questions about the forum.

What is Win10 forum?

Win10 forum is an email list for people using various screen readers with Windows 10 and devices powered by it. The forum seeks to serve as a one stop place for discussing all about Windows 10 from screen reader users' perspective.

Meet the leadership team

  • Joseph S. Lee: Win10 forum owner/head list representative.
  • Austin pinto: Win10 Forum co-owner/Associate list representative.

A message from the head list representative

Welcome to Win10 forum and to the forum wiki. My name is Joseph Lee, the current forum owner and head list representative. I hope you learn something new about Windows 10 and using this version of Windows with various screen readers.

List organization

Win10 forum comprises one master list and a number of subgroups (focus groups specializing in specific areas), organized as follows:

  • Win10: This is the master group. Topics related to Windows 10 and screen readers are discussed, including new public build announcements, tips for users of screen readers and others.
  • List Matters and Administration Council: This is the Win10 list policy forum where discussion of list policies and overall direction of the forum are welcome.
  • Windows Insiders: Reserved for members of Windows Insider program. Topics include Insider build announcements, reports on Insider builds and screen readers and so on.

Frequently asked questions about Win10 forum

Q. Can anyone join this forum?

Yes. Anyone using Windows 10 or thinking about using Windows 10 are more than welcome to join.

Q. Which screen readers are represented?

Any screen reader that are compatible with Windows 10 are represented and discussed.

Q. Can anyone join subgroups?

One must be a member of Win10 group in order to join any subgroups.

Q. What are things not accepted on Win10 group?

The following topics are not accepted on Win10 group:

  • Sharing of Windows 10 product keys.
  • Sharing of illegal or cracked software, including cracked version of Windows and screen readers and their scripts.

Each subgroup may have additional topics that are not allowed or would be questionable. For example, discussion of leaked builds in Windows Insiders group are questionable (and not allowed outright on the parent Win10 group).

Q. How do I subscribe to this group?

Send an email to

Q. I sometimes see a number sign in some posts. What are they?

The text with number sign in front are called hashtags. These are used to better organize posts in the list archive.

Q. Can anyone edit this group wiki?

Subscribers are more than welcome to edit this wiki (this wiki uses Markdown).

Q. If I have questions about the list, who do I contact?

Depends on if you are a member of the List Matters subgroup:

  • If you are a member: send a message to the group (
  • If you are not a member of the subgroup: send an email to

Feel free to add additional information to this wiki.