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Feature dictionary

This page seeks to define terms that will come up when using Windows 10, such as Continuum, Cortana and others.

  • Action Center: a place that houses app notifications and allows users to toggle things such as tablet mode and others.
  • App: Synonym for program.
  • Azure: Microsoft's cloud solution.
  • Bing: Search engine service from Microsoft.
  • BitLocker: A security feature to protect computers during booting (Windows 10 Pro and higher).
  • Centennial (Desktop App Converter): A tool to convert traditional desktop apps to universal apps.
  • Continuum: Ability to switch between desktop and tablet user interface.
  • Cortana: Microsoft's personal digital assistant.
  • Dynamic lock: ability to lock a PC when a smartphone paired via Bluetooth is out of range.
  • Game DVR: Ability to capture last few seconds of game playback.
  • Hyper-V: A hypervisor product from Microsoft, preinstalled on 64-bit versions of Windows 10 Pro and higher.
  • Islandwood (Windows Bridge for iOS): A toolkit to convert iOS apps to universal apps.
  • Microsoft Edge: A new web browser from Microsoft conforming to modern web standards.
  • Night light: reduce amount of blue light emitted by a monitor at nights.
  • Out of box (OOB) experience: a series of screens shown at the end of installation process used to select various options.
  • Quick access: a collection of frequently visited places in File Explorer.
  • Quick menu (sometimes called power menu, admin menu and others): a menu used to open various tools including Control Panel and initiating system shutdown (Windows+X).
  • Ribbon: A new style of menu-like interface grouping several functions into tabs, replacing menu bars.
  • Task view: A taskbar-like interface showing open programs and desktops if any.
  • Tablet mode: An interface optimized for touch devices.
  • Toast: notification messages from apps.
  • Ubuntu on Windows: Ability to run certain Linux command-line tools via Bash.
  • Virtual desktop: A virtual screen used to group program windows.
  • Windows Hello: sign into a computer via fingerprint recognition, iris scans and other biometric authentication methods.
  • Windows Ink: A touch-friendly workspace for interacting with a computer via pen.
  • Windows Insider: A program to let users test development builds of Windows 10.
  • Windows to go: A live USB creation tool for creating a complete Windows 10 installation on USB flash drives (Windows 10 Enterprise and Education).